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Card Guard with active RFID field technology


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Six simple reasons why Card Guard is better


Card Guard uses an Active Field Technology to electronically jam RFID signals communicating on the most common frequency for contact-less devices like credit cards & debit cards. Do your research and you will find that passive imitations do not protect your data like Card Guard.


The Active Field Technology found in Card Guard can protect multiple cards within the range of the card, eliminating the use of individual sleeves, or limiting the number of cards you can carry.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have the superior electronic protection in place to protect you from electronic pickpockets, high-tech hijacking, and even identity theft.



You are still able to use contactless payment terminals, once you remove your payment card from your wallet or purse, it is no longer within the field of protection. Simply use your card to make your contactless payment as normal and return your card to its place in your purse or wallet, and you are once again protected.


The choice is back in your hands. (You are no longer forced to buy ugly wallets or sleeves) you can simply put the Card Guard in any wallet or purse.wallet, and you are once again protected.


The Card Guard fits into any wallet or purse just like normal cards but gives you the most protection on the market.


Card Guard Plus

According to the Identity Management Institute, (IMI) the governing body of Identity theft providers and internationally recognized training authority, The best thing anyone can do is have an Identity theft protection service in place.

You can use the CARD GUARD, with its active field technology, as a stand alone product, or you can increase your protection an upgrade to CARD GUARD PLUS. If you choose to upgrade to card guard plus you will not only have the protection of Card Guard, we will also add…

  • Email and text alerts
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Social Security monitoring
  • Change of Address monitoring
  • We will give you the ability to search your email address to see if it was included in a known data breach.
  • Plus, up to $1 million in Identity theft insurance, with Zero deductible.


Card Guard Plus Plans

Card Guard Plus

$4.95 monthly

Card Guard Plus

$49.50 annually