Looking for a new opportunity for your organization for fundraising?

In the past, fundraising has been, candy, wrapping paper, wreaths, and similar items.  Card Guard offers your organization a new idea in the world of fundraising.  RFID blocking cards, complete with your organizations name, or logo and contact information.  Keeping your organization in front of some of your most important people, your supporters.

Good For

Youth Sports
School programs
Church Groups
And many more…

How It Works

  • Your organization purchases a pre-determined number of Card Guard RFID Blocking cards for a discounted rate*
  • Your organization then sells the card Guard RFID Blocking cards for the retail amount, and your organization keeps the difference.
  • IN ADDITION, If a customer upgrades to Card Guard Plus, your organization will receive ongoing recurring revenue, for as long as the customer stays a member.
  • An online portal will be available to your organization to track memberships associated with your fundraising efforts.
  • Financing is available, so your organization pays no upfront fees. 


How much can we help your organization earn?

To learn more email Fundraising@yourcardguard.com


*Some organizations may qualify for no up front costs, contact us at fundraising@yourcardguard.com to see if your organization qualifies.